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Key areas of acting.


About the Foundation

The foundation ‘Razem Zmieniamy Świat’ (‘Together We Change the World’ Foundation) was established in 2011 by Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych SA (TZMO SA, Toruń Dressing Material Company). This was a natural consequence of the activities performed by TZMO SA for the community. Through the foundation we want to help more people, in order to change the world for the better.

As a producer of hygienic, cosmetic and medical products, we know well the needs and expectations of our customers. We want to improve the quality and comfort of their lives, and not only with our products; we know that we can do much more, and therefore we have been involved in educational, integrating and cultural activities for the benefit of the whole society. We are especially committed to those who are most in need – the chronically ill, children, single parents and persons who are socially dependent and need support.