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Key areas of acting.


I want to help

I would like to help. How should I start?

The best way is to contact us. Write us an e-mail telling us what you can do (fundacja@tzmo.com.pl) and why you want to help. From among all our projects we will try to find one in which you can work with pleasure.

How can I contribute to the work of the Foundation?

The Foundation maintains a number of projects for very different groups of beneficiaries:
- intellectually disabled persons – SENI Cup International Football League for Disabled Persons,
- informal carers – WE WILL COPE (DAMY RADĘ),
- long-term care environments – Toruń Days of Long-Term Care
And many other projects …

If you would like to support the above-mentioned projects (and their beneficiaries) in any way, contact us, preferably via e-mail, at: fundacja@tzmo.com.pl

Is the Foundation looking for volunteers?

We appreciate all help, especially if you offer us your time and experience. We are happy to benefit from the support of volunteers.

How can I make payments?

You can make a traditional or electronic bank transfer, entering the following information into the appropriate fields:

Fundacja Razem Zmieniamy Świat
ul. Żółkiewskiego 20/26
87-100 Toruń

Account no: 62 1090 1506 0000 0001 1858 1174

Thank you for every payment you make for us. Thanks to this, we can help also on your behalf.