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International Long-Term Care Conference

International Long-Term Care Conference is organised for professionals who work for chronically ill, disabled and elderly people - management and staff of care centres. 

The events related to the Conference go back to 1998, which marked the beginning of a new health care sector in Poland focused on the care of dependent people, that is, long-term care. Besides obvious financial shortages, the major problem was a lack of competent staff, mainly nurses who could offer professional assistance. Lacking as well were Polish models. There was an urgent need to educate people in this field and to offer opportunities for the exchange of experiences, foreign included, and to start discussions on the shape of long-term care in the future. At that time we started to organise regular meetings for the leaders in this field, that is, both practitioners (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers) and representatives of central and local governments as well as payers for such services.

Since the first Long-Term Care Conference the number of participants has grown tenfold – from 100 participants in 1998 to more than 1,000 in 2015. The problems discussed are of interest not only to Polish professionals. The conference has been international since 1999. To date we have hosted representatives of almost all European countries, both as lecturers and participants.

A high substantive level of the Conference is guaranteed by regular cooperation with the leaders and founders of long-term care in Poland and abroad, including national consultants and opinion makers operating in this sector.
Every year we are visited by experts in geriatrics, nursery, physiotherapy and representatives of many other fields, who work with each other to ensure the highest possible level of care for chronically ill patients.

Our main partners are:
Polish Society of Gerontology

Polish Society of Long-Term Care

European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly (E.D.E.)



Care home director today and tomorrow. Pressure, concessions, compromises and solutions.

27-29 September 2017

“Jordanki” Conference Center, Aleja Solidarności 1-3, Toruń

More information available at the congress' website:

This year's event is being organized in cooperation with EDE. The E.D.E. is an international umbrella organisation representing national associations for directors and providers of long-term care services in Europe.One of its major tasks is to promote the exchange of information and experience among its members and facilitate mutual learning. As professionals we seek to improve the quality of care and supervision.To do so it is important to look beyond our own "national noses". Common training standards, reciprocal visits and observation, congresses and symposia all foster professionalism among care home directors and a greater understanding of the various forms of care and assistance. Creating humane living and working conditions in our homes is a vision toward which we are mutually striving in the E.D.E.